Friday, 29 January 2016

6 Trends in Content Marketing for 2016

If you think 2015 was an exciting year filled with business for content marketing-you have to get well prepared for 2016. This year it’s going to be further interesting, even more competitive and continuing the same zeal as in the year before. 
Here are a few sure to happen trends in content marketing for the year 2016; hope you would work on them and have a successful, profit-making “popular” time ahead in the business. 

Videos will remain the most liked form of content-

As you know, it is just VIDEOS that are selling like hot cakes; they started as an attractive format in content but today they are ruling the content world. At least 50% of the total content shared on the Internet is video; they are going omnipresent right from WhatsApp groups to Facebook feeds and elsewhere on other social platforms. With 4G Internet expected to turn mainstream in 2016; one can read the increasing presence of videos and their dominance. 
More of the videos that are created and shared are of short-duration and they focus on more of quality story-telling techniques. The ones with in 30 seconds are massively successful and more of it is ought to follow in 2016.

Attention span of the viewer/reader will decline-

How many apps do you have in your smartphone? This is question which will decide your span of attention. I am sure none of us is utilizing all the stuffs that are uploaded in our phone. That’s practically impossible; but then how far are they useful OR how many do we really use is the question. All this because of the least attention span that we are able to provide; human attention span is at its minimal at 8 seconds!!! Can you imagine the same for a gold fish is more at 9 seconds?
This speaks volumes of how interesting the content produced by you online must be. In case of a write-up, it should have a super interesting (pulling) title with a great starting paragraph. For a video, you just have the first few seconds (4-10 seconds). The photo content; always try keeping them crisp and straight (selfies work). Avoid adding collage on social media platforms-especially Facebook hates them.

Bring on the Branded Content-

Not many of us like ads in between videos online. However, ads by nature are self-promotional and they need to be there-cannot be avoided. Hence, there is an urgent requirement of brands in all content that goes online. People are more inclined towards branded things even in content; hence content in 2016 shouldn’t just be interesting but branded too.

Instagram and WhatsApp will be major content distributors-

Experts from content marketing industry are watching WhatsApp and Instagram closely as these two are ought to be the most used platforms for sharing content. A lot of the content has already started to go viral through Facebook and Twitter. Yet, the mentioned two social sharing forums will be used on more personal level between groups (relatives and friends). Content marketers are hoping to experiment with the instant chatting app and the photo sharing platform. 

Big Ideas on small screens-

Be it any form of content, it is important that the maker and the sharing source make sure that it is responsive on all devices. Good quality on a mega screen is not the end, having a clear view on all screens (especially the small size screens) is very important.

Last but not the least- don’t stop experimenting-

2016 is going to be a year which will teach many new things in content marketing. It should be a year of crazy experiments-new features, formats and ideas. Just remember to add on some value to the content you create and share with the world.
All the Best!!!

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